Its not funny nor I as wasked permission to it either.

¿Whats so funny about not understanding a language? ¿Whats so funny about not knowing where an item of mine wich I have a tracking number is? ¿Are we 10yearolds who laugh at the sexual innuendo of "french"?

chapmusik pls

Delek, no es gracioso.

dude.... seriously.... un pokito auto-ironía porfavor.

Hopefully they change it to this thread.

i think its funny

dont worry the quotes are never ever funny

Its not a matter of auto-irony, or even a matter of being funny or not. I just dont want it. Theres no part in the terms and conditions of that says "you must share our toddler humour". I come here for the chips and bleeps, if someone wants to nonsense and "troll" like a 5 year old, theres /B/ for that.

We'll cry later why chip music isnt as broad and sucessfull as we'd like

my condolences during this difficult time

Dire Hit wrote:

Hopefully they change it to this thread.

You're posting on a public forum.  Everything you write can be seen by everyone always.  Chill out, nobody intended to attack you.  There's no clause in the terms and conditions because why would it matter?  Have you ever read those quotes before?  Must be nice to have a life so cushy you have the luxury of taking offense to random internet happenings.

And if you think you've been trolled you have literally never spent time on the internet.

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You've never giggled at someone botching a sentence in Spanish? Not saying it's okay, but just curious.

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I wish you the best of luck in the future

can who ever is in charge make the new quote "Its not funny nor I as wasked permission"

As an admin, my statement is as follows: I do not know which quote you are referring to, nor who tweeted this to make it the quote at the top of the page. However, I can assure you it was likely done in good humor and with no malicious intent whatsoever. We are very sorry you were offended.

As a user my statement is as follows: