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So I got nanoloop 2 updated to 2.77.   it actually started up and displayed 2.77. why does it revert back to 2.71? this has happened twice now.

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Because it was in RAM but not written to flash ROM.

When you send the update, it boots into the "nanoloop" screen. Nanoloop then is in GBA RAM as it would be when booted from the cart. To actually write it to the cart, you need to hold B and press START+SEELCT (while still holding B) which brings up a message "UPDATING ROM" with a progress bar and automatically reboots the GBA after a few seconds. If it does not show the update screen and reboot but just starts nanoloop instead, you have not pressed B first and the update procedure has to be repeated from the beginning.

Maybe I should change the key combo so that select / start are not involved and you can't start nanoloop by accident.

To get familiar with it, you can perform the write-to-flash operation when starting from the cart, too: When you see the nanoloop logo, press B+START+SELECT so that the update screen appears. Nanoloop will write itself from RAM to ROM, e.g. do nothing.


Just tested out a new set-up with Nanoloop 1.7.5 acting as master clock, and it functions flawlessly. This info may be useful for someone wishing for a dead reliable way to sync Nanoloop to a Microbrute as well, provided you have a Korg SQ-1. And really, why wouldn't you? Here's how I have things set up:

Nanoloop is set to "C" sync mode, and it's sending sync out using a cable I built according to the instructions on Oliver's page. The sync from Nanoloop runs into a chain of the 3 original Korg Volcas, and the sync out from the last Volca in the chain runs into the sync in on a Korg SQ-1. The SQ-1 drives a Microbrute via CV and Gate. I set every device in the chain to play a note (a kick drum, in the case of the Volca Beats) on the first step in the sequence, then left the whole thing running for an hour. Everything was still flawlessly synced when I came back.

I couldn't be more pleased. A Game Boy controlling a whole chain of modern analog synths? Awesome!!!

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...Game Boy controlling a whole chain of modern analog synths? Awesome!!!

You've had more luck than me! My NL 2.7.8 sending CV seems to skip pulses or add occasional pulses or something that makes the sync occasionally jump steps on my volca sample. Is this a known problem? I'm in A/2 mode.

Thread and video here: … ing-issue/


Alright, just built a new little sync box to replace the cable I was using. I set it up so that you can switch between incoming sync or outgoing sync for Nanoloop. Tested it out, works great!! I imagine that someone will find it in 200 years or so and think "WTF was this for?"

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that's adorable!