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STarKos is a really good tracker, it's similar to Arkos but it's native Amstrad CPC, not windows. Anyway it's not ZX spectrum but if you're interested in making AY music it could be an option. STarKos is rather user friendly and conveniant to use.

Back to ZX spectrum tracking, the most famous is probably SoundTracker 1.1, as pointed earlier.

I'm trying to use it but I have a few questions, which are not really covered in the tutorials we can find.

1/ Is it possible to delete / insert a row? I can erase a single note with "enter", but I can't find a way to remove or add a row.

2/ In the sample editor, first screen, I don't understand the 0 and 1 thing. 0 should mean it will let the sound pass. 1 won't let it pass. Anyway, even when in a column the 1 is set, if I change the column to maximum volume it will sound different than if the volume is low.

3/ in the sample editor, second screen, I don't understand the two colums, especially the second one. If I enter 128, what does it mean? 1/2 tone? Also it seems only the first colum is taken into account, when I enter values in the second column it's only heard when I'm on this second column, not the first. And back in the tracker, it seems I can only hear the ornaments from the first column...

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1) No. :-/

...all the rest - always put screenshots.

I remembered that ZX81 SoundTracker was strongly similar...?
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