Hello everybody!

I'm new to this forum and still I see some familiar names here:)
I'd like to post some short news and updates regarding ZX-Art - a growing online collection of ZX-Spectrum music.
We have 1-bit beeper, Sam Coupe music, all-time top-100, TSFM, digital AY melodies - everybody is welcomed to visit and take a look.

Will it be ok for everybody, if I periodically post the updates here? I'll try to post only interesting and useful news. Like, for example:
There is now a web-radio on ZX-Art. You can now listen to the best ZX Spectrum music directly in your browser: there is game radio, demoscene radio, 1bit beeper radio and exotic formats like Digital AY and TSFM. You are welcomed to listen!

I would be very glad if you could give it a try, then leave some feedback about usability here, or even register and vote for some of the best melodies - some of the authors are still active on ZX-Spectrum smile


What systems does it support? Windows only?


ZX-Art and web radio should be working just fine on any modern browsers, since all the music playing is made with HTML5 audio.
If you mean ZXTune, a standalone chip music player by Vitamin, then it's really crossplatform: - Android, Windows, different Linux versions


AY Music from DiHalt 2015
1-bit and AY Music from 3BM OpenAir 2015 - brilliant covers on Pink Floyd and Candlemass.

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Music from DiHalt Lite 2016
Music from ZX Enhanced compo 2016


ZX-Spectrum works from Chaos Constructions 2017

General music compo

Chin Up by Quiet - mp3
Fight 4 the lite by Fatal Snipe - mp3
Not Yet Time by MmcM - mp3
kugelblitz by nq - mp3
neverland by Scalesmann - mp3
in utero we live by Scalesmann - mp3
Some Small CompoFiller by TmK - mp3
Tale of the lone Fairy by garvalf - mp3
Des-pa-cito by aGGreSSor - mp3

Works from related releases from party

Over Relaxed (final theme) by Quiet - mp3
a thunder before the light by Scalesmann - mp3

Beeper music compo

Stick Work by Darkman007
Valse de la Sorcière by garvalf - mp3