Kia ora!
Tena koutou no Aotearoa! Kia kaha i roto i oku toi, me, he tumeke enei mahi!

Hiee! ^_^
Hello from Aotearoa!

So ok, my name is Piupiu (said like 'pew-pew' tehe ^_^ ),
im part of DEPUTY-3 (using LSDJ and Sunvox with Jos from Fauxhound/TAB), as well as a practicing performance/video artist.

I've got an exhibition coming up on the 22nd - 29th of August 2015,
and im looking for submissions of visual art - stills, pictures, videos, etc - to show as part of the exhibition.

the ethos of the show is all about chiptune/tech/internetcore/babywave!

If you'd like to send some work thru, pls email [email protected] ^_^

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i changed the name! also submissions close 14th of August! heart so um yea hmu ^_^

name change:

1. (noun) angel wing rock borer, Barnea similis - a wing-shaped bivalve mollusc
found between tides inside tunnels which it bores into soft rock.

24th-31st august,
thistle hall gallery, wgtn.