Everyone knows the golden oldies. What about the last 10 years? Let's share our discoveries.

no .it love? http://battleofthebits.org/arena/Entry/ … fet/12008/

Strobe & Kmuland - Cell II

some of my favourite modules are ones that quite literally only me and the person who wrote them have heard, which makes sharing them a little bit of a problem

Radix - Dragon Atlas
Xyce - Mosaik
Arlen - The Quiet One
Cerror - Beakortolaris
Syphus - Fuelship

cTrix, basically

also his track Human Nature:

XyNo wrote:

Strobe & Kmuland - Cell II

Yes Strobe is fucking amazing.

Some of my favourites are:


http://hexawe.net/hex0012_retro_attivo_ … dliner.mp3

Nagz - ...b.d.s.l.y.s? xm (...but does she like your shoes)
Esau - Fax on the run
Reed - No
Lizard - Spatism (Magnar = Lizard)
H0ffman - Pattern Skank (Vocal edit)

Modern gems.

Wow. Really good stuff. Outstanding in some cases.
I will add some of my favorites too, but not right now. Thanx a bunch, more suggestions are joyfully received, and not just by me I'm sure.

Everyone knows that xylo is just being modest, Xyce tunes have been consistently amongst the best for quite some time.