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Hi, you may have seen me dotting around the forums/ or on other sites some time over the past 2 or so years. In this time I've written very little music that I was happy with it, this album is a collection of some tunes that (at the time) I thought were good enough to be put out, but never were. These are all from around this point last year, but I would really love to get some feedback on all of these songs, to see what people like and dislike about tunes that I've grown to hate over this past year.
album link
Any feedback is welcome, positive or negative, as long as it's well reasoned.

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Wow, this is too short! I really like that every song sounds unique, yet still like it was composed by the same person.
Could it have been more dancey or fuller (as in, more instruments and shit)? Sure. Should it have been? Fuck no, there aren't enough straight up, four channel feel good albums coming out anymore.
As far as negative feedback goes, it is too short, it's only one album, and some tracks are way louder than others, I don't like this sad Other than that, I really liked it, downloaded it, and will listen again.
Fave tracks: Milk Chocolate Buttons, Water Dreams and Bye (NES ver.)


it's a very good album. I don't absolutely love everything, but most of the tracks got my favor. It's original and doesn't sound like techno / party / fun / dance music, it's moody and yet has entertaining melodies. It sounds more like introspective music, and I appreciate this (it's what I'm trying to achieve with my own music).
I live the cover, but not the fonts / handwritten letters

Bright Screen: sounds like a "romantic" / sad part of an old game. Well done. One of my fav.
Milk Chocolate Buttons: not really my cup of tea/chocolate
Contagion: it's rather ok even if it's not among my favorites.
Water Dream: nice tune
Turned Sour: nice but should be longer / more developed
Sharp Gloop: I love the sound. Sounds like an old game too.  One of my fav. I like the change of tonality at 0:35. Reminds me of some Kjell Norboe's stuff. What did you use for composing it (and also the other tunes)? It sounds a bit like SID for this one. For the others maybe lsdj and / or famitracker?
Jipon: sounds nice
Severity: wonderful, should have been longer /  more developed
Bye: I prefer the NES version.

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cool album, i liked milk chocolate buttons a lot; it travelled a lot.

album mastering is a bit inconsistent. it felt like some of the tracks were really squashed and had some noticeable comp artifacts, and others were right on point