Here is my first LSDJ track:

I think it turned out good with some fun glitchy sounds. I think I should maybe have tried to make the melodies more interesting and also shortened the track a little.
Anyway, I would love to hear any comments about it.
Do you think the kick sounds good in the mix? I used a pulse kick, but maybe a WAV kick could work (WAV channel is pretty busy)?
Any opinions on the arrangement and style of the track?

Thanks in advance!

NC in the US of America

Kinda fun.... weird... lol


I like all the glitchy sounds! I'm impressed you've been able to get so many different timbres your first time using LSDJ.

I don't mind longer tracks, but in a piece this long, it might be nice to have a more mellow section to give our ears a break.

What parameters are you using for the kicks? I'd like to hear a deeper sound, which I think is easier with the wave channel, but I know some people are able to make pulse kicks work. You could try doubling with the noise channel.

Keep sharing more stuff!


Thanks for the feedback SketchMan3 and QuietMind!

Good idea to have a mellow section. A break before the BRK B-B-BRK starts again wink.
The track calms down a bit at around 3:55 but I still think you're right, the harsh lead comes in again quickly. That part could be mellowed out even more and last a bit longer (play a more central role in the track even).

Here are the settings I used for the kick:
Playing C5 notes in pulse channel 1.
Envelope: A2
Wave: 50/50 pulse
Sweep: 34

While checking the settings I experimented with other sweep values and found that 54 or 64 sounded more powerful, but my 34 more "game-like". I think I will use one of the other settings. I could still let the odd kick get a 34 for fun effects.
I welcome any advice on how to tweak the settings, which note to use etc.

At some point I will rework this track. I will definitely share when I finish some more tracks too.
Thanks again for listening and helping!