Yo guys, it's been a while. I wrote a free album using nothing but Mother 3 sounds -- it's folky weird jazz stuff! The soundfonts I compiled are up there too if you wanna try writing your own tunes with 'em.

Clay Memory

Clay Memory shows the idea of wabi-sabi in a musical form, an organic sound with a temporary beauty of childlike, innocence and happy vibes. Music-wise, it is a combination of jazz, folk and pop, passed through the forms of impressionism and weirdness. To create this album, fluidvolt has compiled and organized the soundfonts with over than 300 instruments, based on the sounds of a classic Game Boy Advance game Mother 3.

Released by Ubiktune

Album art by Rufus Blacklock.

Oklahoma City, OK

Great music!! Delightfully quirky and fun. "Meadow, Half Asleep" is my favorite so far smile I'll definitely be using the sound font at some point in the future, too.

EDIT: Just out of curiosity, what program did you use to compose the album?

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Nomad's Land

Yay, fluidvolt is back! Outstanding and intriciate work mate. Congratulations.


Love it!

NC in the US of America

I like this


Thanks for all the kind words everyone! I'm happy to hear 'em heart

DBOYD wrote:

Just out of curiosity, what program did you use to compose the album?

I used an old version of FL that still works on my old computer. But only 'cause I'm used to it, I didn't really use any features that you wouldn't find in most DAWS or trackers like OpenMPT. Anything that can use soundfonts will get you what you hear... here.

Thanks again!


Excellent. Very refreshing. Vitalizing even.


This is lovely.