If you could give some CC would be pretty sweet. I posted this already but a little fight happened and It didnt really help


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I like the way it start, and improve.
But it end without a big change.
This is like you have intro a and b, then intro c and d.
But you don't have a main a and b and an outro.
So I think you should rework it at the middle of the song and create a change there.

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Doing the same thing over and over again melody-wise, with the only thing changing being the drums

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imho it's missing a proper drumtrack (bassdrum/snare) and the bassline does not have/leave enought room to breathe. Also every part goes "full in" without any form of transition. My advice is to slowly keep adding layers to your song and don't just filling up the grid.
Maybe someone more experienced can rephrase that.

Please keep in mind this CC is probably sounding harshed than actually intended.
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The wave channel lead sounds fantastic up until 0:24 when it gets significantly louder, try and keep leads similar to that one at a low volume.

Also, try fleshing out your noise channel a bit more, it'll really help you in the long run to make snares and cymbals with table commands.

A kick would also be good for the wave channel.

The pulse channel could use some variety of instruments using tables, and use some detune on some of them so there's no tone clashing.

It also get's a tad repetitive, remember, you have *in hex* FE

Other than that, great start!

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I'm going to give you CC on thread posting first:

Lazerbeat wrote:

Just had a quick spin through the CC forum and had a couple of thoughts. Most of the topics are variations of :

Topic : "here is a track, please give me some CC"

OP : "hey guys, I just wrote a track, what do you think?"

This is all well and good but it is a bit hard (for me at least) to know what angle to approach giving CC from. I think the CC forum should be about improving tracks and helping members of the community be better musicians. It is a bit hard for me to know how to help this poster so I am much more likely to get lost in a reddit click trance. Consider :

As for the song, I'd play around with more dynamic range. The composition is fine but the instruments you're choosing make this seem like a wall of sound because there are no changes in volume or spaces.


Cool thanks guys I'll take everything on board and post a new better worded thread in the future xoxox - YellerYeller