Chaos Tracker, the Genesis/Megadrive/32x/CD music sequencer, successor to YMDj/Prodigy Tracker and an open source project, is in the works.

So we're looking for a really good pixel artist that can do the fonts, a tracker intro and possibly the layouts for each screen. Normally I'd do it myself but it's easy to get tied up getting a sound driver to make sweet melodies. Anyone interested should try using this format:

1) 8x8 tiles using a 16 color palette and a general understanding of other Genesis/MD video limitations.

2) We're looking for a design that will appeal to both retro and modern musicians, but creativity is key here. We're using PC based DOS era trackers as inspiration but it's ok to go modern.

3) If you're wanting to do a mockup of the intro, think something suggestive of Chaos Emerald/s but nothing too obvious. Sonic fans will totally get this one!

Your name goes in the credits and you'll be known as THE pixel artist for this project. Thanks guys.