Nottingham, UK

This is half a concept album I wrote around 2012 + 1.5 bonus tracks!

Enjoy a thrilling adventure through the secret underground world of the homeless Roman Emperor and his brother the Caliph!!

Also included are some pictures from my journal at the time that had a few scribbled ideas for the concept (if you can read them). … sp=sharing

This isn't available for streaming and is kind of a bootlegish thing I guess, because zak wasn't involved.

This was heavily Inspired by Zan Zan Zawa Veia and Jay Tholen and was in part my attempt to channel some of their madness. Also, originally I wanted to ask Jay Tholen to do the Album art, but I never actually finished the album.

If you ever read this Jay, maybe I can throw some money your way and get that done eventually....

Anyway. Enjoy.


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Chicago, IL

Man Ive been waiting for more stuff from you.

Nottingham, UK

It's probably not what you expect, I hesitated to call it toriningen. I played it live a couple of times with guitar accompanying it, but never got around to recording it with the guitars.

Maybe one day tongue

As for Genuine Torningen stuff... It's coming.

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