Dragon Warrior - World of Darkness, World of Light

1. cosmic death no. 1 0:52
2. gold moon 1:58
3. sunstruck wasteland theme 0:57
4. cave of amplifiers 1:04
5. Arizona, dreaming 2:21
6. sea of rain 0:56
7. in August, the dry pines 1:18
8. desert valley swing 2:17
9. sea of clouds 1:45
10. Texarkosmos 1:14
11. ghost story no. 2 0:34

12. neon electric circus! 1:04
13. moon temple theme 1:46
14. Newport boardwalk 2:08
15. seen on Swedish television 1:06
16. world of light 1:39
17. love you 1:51
18. wind, sand, stars 2:10
19. Sunland 1:34
20. a string of paper lanterns, dusk 3:37

DRAGON WARRIOR is a coalition of bargain-bin electronics, human bodies, ghosts of old Nintendo games, and a miasma of apocalyptic unease who just needed a ride someplace. This is their first album, containing: songs about the moon, songs about the American southwest, songs about made-up places; miniature Tangerine Dream soundscapes, bleary guitar-pop gems, soulful soft-rock ballads; and all the Casiotone beats you know & love, from "beguine" and "bossa nova" to "samba" and "swing".

you ever notice how if you listen to the wrong note long enough it starts to sound like the right one?

the world is dizzying! the world is terrifying! we did not create ourselves! come on, let's dance!

this is an album i made, inspired by N64 Zelda games, Earthbound, the Velvet Underground, etc. I mostly used a bunch of crappy 80's Casio & Yamaha keyboards. There is some MuddyGB in there too. Is it chiptune? Does it matter? You decide.

this was very fun to make and will not be the last of its kind, for better or worse.

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Chicago, IL

Interesting lo-fi stuff..Really liked Arizona dreaming, sort of M.Ward-ish..


bet you had fun making this!

West Yorks, UK

more like surfboard warrior, land of golden sun, land of bikini babes, amirite?

awesome stuff anyhow fella


dragons > surfboards imo

thanks, y'all!


A really kind review of this album by Nonfinite over at Chiptunes = WIN