The keyboard do not understand "edit" anymore, normally activated by spacebar in FT2. So one can not write any notes or values, eg pattern data.It works to name instruments or files, then all keys, space included, works! And so does all FT2 fastkeys.

And if one hits "record pattern", which should of course put the program in edit-mode, but then still it is impossible to enter any pattern data! The one exception is capslock that produces the notebreak symbol in the pattern, but that is all.

D-fend reloaded settings that comes with a inbuilt download option of FT2 gives me the same bug, and it is still there under dosbox-x as well. I have tried it on two different win8 computers now.

What on earth is wrong?!!??

(EDIT:  This forum do not display well under my handheld, and now I see that the darn thing is posted under the wrong flag since this is hardly old-school hardware but emulation. If a moderator feel like moving it to a better place, feel free. sorry for the inconvenience.)

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This was a long road...
The fault was in FT2 itself, (maybe caused by DosBox i do not know, i have NEVER had this problem under DOS).
Something was buggy in the Fasttracker .cfg file it seems, because saved another .cfg over it and suddenly i could edit patterns again.
Thanks god this problem is over.

Do you have the old cfg for comparison?