increment the wave in 100 byte steps as per the tutorial; this equates to loop length of 64? I dont understand the whole 0xYY notation. like the tut says 0x100. I google 100 in hex and it says 0x64. What is all this 0x... all about?
How long does the loop need to be, 64?! (I havent actually got pig to hand to test!)

To get a specific single cycle make sure that your loop start and end points end with 00 and that the end is 100 greater than the start.  So something like this (i can't remember how many digits are in the loop points right now) -

loop start: 0002845100
loop end:  0002845200

OH! And also make sure your sample start point is the same as your loop start point!  I forget that a lot.

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Cheers Arnie! (Its Oliver; we mates on FB)

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Cheers Arnie! (Its Oliver; we mates on FB)

Haha hey!  I didn't realize that was you.

I only recently realised you were you also! Thanks again man