This topic includes links for complete rips out of DAC. The person supposedly did a lot of work doing so.
But none of the links work anymore. They all say "Http/1.1 Service Unavailable".
It seems like every download link posted before 2013 doesn't work anymore... sad
Can anyone who downloaded these rips reupload them? I'm really interested in getting these samples, especially considering that most of these games are impossible to rip without extensive knowledge of compression. These rips also include tools to decompress the samples. Even worse, none of these rips seem to be anywhere else online...
Also, whoever said Cannon Fodder for the GBC uses 4000-5000hz is WRONG. It uses 8000-10000hz, but it's 4-bit, so it can't be extracted properly with Audacity.

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If you can't find that uploads, you can obtain the same samples if you rip DATA STREAMS from .vgm rips.

.vgm files:
.vgm format specs:

If you open .vgz files with winrar and extract the content, you will obtain a .vgm file ready to be readed; the trick is to import as RAW data in an audio editor the samples parts.

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This guy on you tube has a huge set of rips of Genesis DAC stuff. Including Sonic 1,2,3 knuckles and also spinball (man i love that kick and snare from spinball) as well as the Streets of rage ones EDIT: actually most of them from that list big_smile
Download links in description! … PMdn7-bGQQ

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Same guys has a small pack of 32x samples too again link in youtube description


You should try the downloads section on the FM Drive website. More specifically, here is the download for a massive pack of carefully ripped DAC samples: …

Yeah, definitely check out that VSTi. Best emulation of the YM2612 you can get on PC.