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After 8 months of hard work, it's time 4 da calculator!

About HoustonTracker 2

HoustonTracker 2 is a music editor/sequencer for the Texas Instruments TI-82, TI-83/82STATS, and TI-83+/84+/SE. It allows you to compose and play multi-channel 1-bit music directly on your TI graphic calculator.


• 3 tone channels
• 1 non-interrupting drum channel
• up to 128 note patterns
• up to 64 drum/fx patterns
• sequence length up to 255 pattern rows
• 16-bit frequency precision
• 8-bit speed precision, can be configured per step
• various effects, including:
  - L/C/R stereo hard-panning for tone and drum channels
  - 8bit duty cycle control
  - duty cycle sweep
• 2 user definable samples
• up to 8 savestates
• edit during playback

sound example

download (includes 82p/83p/8xp binaries and docs)

Bug reports? Suggestions? Feature requests? Best to post them in the dev thread over at the 1-Bit Forum.

UPDATE 2016-02-19

New version 2.10 released! Features several new effects, improved keyhandling, and a build for TI-82 Parcus models. Also, various bugs were fixed. The download links above have been updated accordingly.

Full list of changes:

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UPDATE 2016-09-02

New version 2.20 released! New effects, better speed control, and a savestate manager utility.

Full list of changes:

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UPDATE 2018-03-23

New version 2.30 released! New effects, a fancy new manual, and some important bugfixes!
Full list of changes:

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Whateverville, California

Well, time to get to work...


Wow! Just to make sure, will a TI-Nspire with 84+ keypad still work?

Especially can't wait to mess around with those drum and user sample systems!

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Nomad's Land

Unfortunately it won't work with a Nspire, you'll need an actual 8x. They only cost like 10-15 bucks on ebay though. There's a ton of different models though, so check in the HT2 manual if the one you're looking at is supported or not.


Such a rad tracker!


Also, if you are looking for an adapter to use, here's the one I've been using.

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Super impressed by the bass coming out of that thing O_O


Want to trade my HP48G+, any one interested?

NC in the US of America

Glad this cat's finally out of the bag. Saw somebody demoing this 2 months ago in a youtube video. So awesome!!

Oklahoma City, OK

I'm totally adding Houstontracker 2 to my large list of trackers to play with after my LSDj album is released. Looks and sounds great, irrlichtproject!!

buffalo, NY

This is awesome


This is too good! Need to get on this stat.

Is it possible to make this transferrable via audio? I don't have the USB cable unfortunately.

Nomad's Land

Thanks everybody!

@_-_- You could build a "$5" parallel or "$4" serial link cable. Especially the parallel cable involves very few parts, so even someone as completely inept at soldering like me can do it wink

perth, WA

TI 84+ SE acquired big_smile

i assume i can transfer this software over using the USB port?


It's a great project! Another powerful engine designed by Irrlichtproject.

You can get a "greylink" usb cable for under 15€ on ebay, search for "USB transfer cable/link calculator Texas Instrument TI 83, TI 83plus, TI89" (the only annoying thing is they are quite short in length)

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