I'm MMejiadeveloper. Im currenlty finishing the development phase of my game Adventure of Pills Effect.
The game have not sounds, not music not effects, nothing.
I'm looking for someone passionated creating videogames music. I'd prefer someone able to create CHIPTUNE.
An important thing is you must be the owner of your tools. I mean whatever the software, samples, sounds you are using must be 100% yours.
Why? Because I want to avoid copyright issues. The 100% of my game is created by me ( Art and Coding).

Now I must to say that I'm NOT A COMPANY. I'm a humble and indie videogame developer who is so deeply passionated for 2D Platform games like Megaman X.

Of course I'm going to share you some material.

Our friend must rescue his girlfriend LENGUA so he must go through 4 levels and probe himself.

But before we're going any further we'll start in the Portals Level, this level is like an INN where we can see what level we are going to do. Also, we can buy some alcochol and some lifes, YESSS SOME ALCOHOOOL!

Here's the Portal Level aspect  (Gameplay video) :

Now our first level will be The Marsh (Gameplay video) :

Then Frozen Grounds (Gameplay video)

Then Tripy Space  (Gameplay video)

Then The Hell  (Gameplay video)

Finally we're going to rescue Lengua in the final BATTLE

If you want to be part of this please PM, send me some samples of your work.
Or if you already decide to work in this, you can make a sample for any of the levels I linked.
-Rick : "Oh I like the game, it looks good, so the dev says that I should send him a level sample ( less 10 secs) of any stage so I'm going to open my tracker and will create a really short sample of  THE HELL LEVEL to show him my skills".

A frequently question you would me is, "hey bro what kind of genre you want, or do you like this kind of music for you game?"
I'm going to link what is the exactly kind of chiptune I'D LOVE TO SOUND ON PILLS EFFECT
Joule and Coda .- Going Nuts

Wave- In my life, my mind

Here's a big compilation of chiptune I think is very very cool.

If you dont make that kind of music or chiptune dont worry, you can send me your samples anyway smile

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"Pills I felt great when you destroyed my home. But sadly, you missed me!"
I love this line.


hahaha yes. I have the 3rd boss done. He says "You can destroy my space. But I can eat you too".

The Laohu wrote:

"Pills I felt great when you destroyed my home. But sadly, you missed me!"
I love this line.

Abandoned on Fire

Did this get completed?


why dont use mml?
its useful to create chiptunes using scripts.