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1. 8 Bit Weapon - Funk Data
2. Thretris - Streets Of Elwood
3. Apricorn - Ginger bear
4. Russolo - What's Wrong Sarah
5. Analog - Sobrevuelo
6. NESMETAL - Throughout the Endless Ages
7. MicroD - Excision
8. Machinery of Nature - Dankapottomus
9. eLectrodreams - Windows (to other worlds)
10. Love Through Cannibalism - Hard As A Metapod
11. vickysbooties - slowcore
12. Nestrogen - Back Right Corner
13. Guardia - Chuup'tah Magic
14. Rush Coil - Kingfake
15. PaK-Zer0 - In The Mosh pit
16. Decktonic - Side Quest
17. Octapus - It Smells Funny

Ciudad de méxico, MX

i'm listening right now. You cheater, your track is pretty danceable!

Geneva, NY

Nabbing... wishing you had real hosting.... sad


@Bleo: Yeah, would be nice, but free is also nice.

@Analog: You think so? I wrote it on guitar as pretty much 3 and 4 chord pop punk. The song is about the story behind Skate Or Die 2 on NES.

Geneva, NY

Free w/ streaming and w/o ads or delayed downloads!


Los Angeles

I think at least a 3rd of these are dancy/dancable..especially threatris' lol wink

Gr8 comp anyway!

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