AAMSX, in collaboration with culturachip, has started a music contest focused on the AY soundchip, available in several 8 bit computers like spectrum128, amstrad, apple ][ and, of course, the MSX computers.
The contest is open to any 8bit platform (*only 8bit platforms, AtariST or other 16bit platforms are not allowed*) , tool or format*, with the restriction that only one single AY chip can be used.*
The rules for the compo:
-Any AY format but we recommend using .pt3 files (vortex tracker II or protracker 3) because is easily playable by a lot of 8bit computers like msx, amstrad or spectrum.
- There are no limits on the number of songs presented by a single contestant.
- Songs must be new and composed for the compo.
- Only original songs: no covers allowed.
- Deadline: 21th november
-Deadline to vote: 28 november
-All contestant must vote to enter the compo, if no vote is recorded they will still appear in the musicdisck and the audioCD but in last position
The final results will be announced during the next MSX users meetings in Barcelona, next 5th December.

Also after the compo:
- A musicdisk for several platforms with the songs of the contest. Availables platforms will depend if there is someone interested on creating it.
The AAMSX will create the music disk for MSX computers, including on it all the songs with formats playable from msx. If there is a song in a format that hasn't a replayer available for msx, the song wont be included on the msx musicdisk. Also, the AAMSX will prepare a little release of real musicdisk to be used on real msx computers, and these disk will be distributed on the next users meeting.
- AudioCD DIY, with a cover art and a ISO file, so everybody can create its onw copy of the disk: it will be published under license CC-BY-NC-SA, and all the contestants will have the sellig right so they can refund production costs of the cd and some income to promote the music
|To participate send:
-Music source
-mp3 render
|-500 char text for the music disck scroller
-Send to: rolemusic [circle] gmail [period] com

This was the result of the previous compo:

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Joliette, QC, Canada

Awesome !!! Is this .SNDH format allowed ?!
Oh sorry I just red, no ST ! Well it's time to try some new trackers then ! smile

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cool, I'll try to do something...

Just to clarify, there is a protracker for Amiga, but for AY music it is Protracker 3 for zx spectrum, as described here: … or-speccy/

With mouse support in the Fuse emulator, and being similar to Vortex Tracker, I find it rather easy to use...

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