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A couple weeks ago I gave my close friend some a chiptune album, Breakbeat Heartbeat's Leaving Home to listen to. He'd never listened to chiptune music before and was more adjourned to indie/rock music. He came back to me with his thoughts and it became a fantastic article on why the average joe should definitely listen to chiptune music!

Check it out:

Btw I will also be on chiptune & video game radio station, Gameface at 6pm UK GMT. I'll be playing all the music that's been reviewed this past month. I will also be interviewing the great J3WEL who has just released his latest album, Sick of This via Cheapbeats!

Listen to it via this link:

Thanks for reading!


I mean, Breakbeat Heartbeat is hardly typical chip music. Goes down super-easy--and thus, an appropriate introduction for skeptics. tongue

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Always interesting to see an objective view of chip from someone not immersed in the scene. Well written too.



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