Hey guys! It's been a while but I have found myself again playing with the piggy. This time I am trying to use it as a sequencer for my synth hardware. I have one of low gains old piggy to midi boxes connected to my f200 with the usb network set to off, the proper .gpe script loaded, and the last known working midi supporting version of laptop for gp2x.

That is all fine and dandy and I even gotten it to start and sync with my Elektron Analog Rytm. The problem is that I can't seem to get it to send any midi notes out and it doesn't seem to want to work with any of the other gear I have tested. I noticed that midi sync box doesn't seem to even light up either.

I checked my synth midi settings, plugged and unplugged things a million times to check for proper connections, and trouble shot for what feels like forever...

Any thoughts on what might be going on? WTH am I doing wrong?!?!

Please save me as I am going a bit crazy trying to figure this out.

i used to have an issue every time i started a project with it sending midi, but there was an easy workaround. basically i'd have to create the project, put in a blank chain on the song screen, select the midi device on the project screen then save it & reload before midi would send properly. for what it's worth, i never needed to disable the usb functionality to get it work either. hope this helps

I found when in the Project screen if you toggle the midi out option at the bottom of the screen a couple times it'll reset it and work again!

Got it working!! thanx guys!!! The toggling seemed to do the trick for whatever reason.

You have a microgranny2,too? We should chat. Larsby and I hacked the shit out of the MIDI in spec/firmware.

Glad to see it working! Not sure why you gotta toggle it, I guess it must refresh the signal or something.