Very good at all !!!
well, let the issue, is that I have a Sega Saturn Model 2B and the thing is that after a long period of disuse has decided avia back to, but the problem is that loose a horrendous sound like, metallic say, the best example would be the play Tomb Raider and fire cannon that sounds more like that XD pistol bullet, I tried changing the Cable Scart other using an RCA to connect RF, change the power supply by the Saturn a colleague it works OK (very nice colleague) and the problem persists so my question is if anyone could give me some idea that it is because I do not find much information about through which the sound board, ay also malfunctioning sound both bios, as games like .if need Musica plate photos or a video to see how it sounds to say, have also proven with several TV and sound alike at all.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the tirade


I think that's just how pcm sounds if it's in a compressed format as there is no hardware decompression. Raw audio will sound fine, but compressed will have that bit-crunch.