Surrey, BC Canada

Venture Kid is finally released, and the soundtrack up on bandcamp as 'name your price'. If I had to describe the sound of this soundtrack, I would say it is what would happen if a Nintendo era Konami employee who was told to sound more "Capcom". Still using DPCM drums, but pulling off some Capcom techniques. Feel free to tell me what it sounds like to you. Even if you think it sounds like poo. How else will I learn!? Seriously though, any feedback is appreciated.

I am awful at self promotion, so if any of you dig this project, feel free to pass it along to any of your friends. Even if you just share the files with them.

*BONUS* I've also included a .it file that contains all of the tracks I went over on my NES Composition Methods video series on youtube. This is a great way to learn how to make chiptunes in a tracker format, regardless of whether or not you use FamiTracker or ModPlug. Those videos can be seen here:

Episode 01 - Fundamentals of 8bit:
Episode 02 - Title Screen:
Episode 03 - Intro Video:
Episode 04 - Stage 01 Forest:
Episode 05 - Stage 02 City:
Episode 06 - Stage 07 Factory:
Episode 07 - Stage 08 Castle:
Episode 08 - Final Boss:

Discussion for these videos can be found, here:

Mexico City

Been waiting to get my hands on this, excellent work as always and thanks for the source files!

Los Angeles, CA

This is rad as hell!

Nomad's Land

Outstanding work, very well composed and polished.

I'm crap at promoting stuff as well, but the least I could do was to post this on my blog, hope some of my readers will actually send a few bucks your way.

Edit: Oh wow, just realized this is going to be an actual game. Hype!

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Rhode Island

Maaaaan been waiting to listen to all the tracks. It's really well done and does have that konami/capcom mesh you describe.

Surrey, BC Canada

Thanks irrlichtproject! That was down right decent of you! And by the way, your blog actually looks fantastic, and has been bookmarked. Version check is a great idea! Huzzah!

And thanks again for your support, 2PLAYER! Especially your comments on the videos smile