I would like to create a Win32 program that reads/extracts data from the .vtx or .afx or .ay file format. I have not yet found any documentation on how to read the music content. I have read the header of a .vtx but the bytes that make up the register/instructions are still a mystery.

Can anyone point me to firm docs on how to read these formats? I want to write them out to ASCII so the sequencing and instructions will live on and can be replayed on other places.

I did find https://github.com/gasman/libayemu/blob … format.txt but I did not understand enough.


While this would work if you're supporting Vortex Tracker files only, .AY can store any sound driver.  (it's the raw sound driver & data like a .SID file)  What you're looking for is probably a register streaming format like .YM or .VGM, both of which can handle AY registers.  Otherwise you'd have to extract the pattern data from hundreds of different players and replicate the players going forward in your program.   If you're just looking to store Vortex Tracker files isn't the format on the homepage?

You are right, I am looking for VTX format info, or YM3 (which is embedded in VTX), or AFX, or even PSG. I have not tried VGM.

The format for data is not clearly described for VTX, but the header is. I am able to open/read the header, but the register content is a mystery to me.

There are so many good musics and sounds out there made for the AY-3-8910, I don't really care what the format is, as long as I can read the register instructions and output to ASCII, I'm happy with what I get. smile


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