Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Hello, it is I, xX 8 BIT CHAMPION Xx. It has been years since you have last been graced by my presence here, and it has felt like an eternity I have been away, studying and cultivating pure musical skill.

In my time away, I have climbed the mountains of Tibet and rode the waves is Oahu, Hawaii.

I have walked hundreds of miles, never allowing my Gameboy and its supplementary LSDJ cartridge out of sight.

I have met with the alpacas of the Andes and the crocodiles of the Nile; I have searched the earth and therefore my soul, and have melded the two together in seamless harmony.

In my journeys, I have spoken to men of African tribes and found the men deep in the jungles,

I have spoken to men who have loves, I have spoken to men on a journey.

It made me think, who am I? Truly, who am I?

This answer never has been simple. Where does my heart lead me, why does he drag me all I go?

The answer, never being simple, seems to only manifest itself in such a simple way.

Sitting on a beach in Thailand, locals running about, a dirt road behind me. I opened my pack at sunset and held my Gameboy with its LSDJ cartridge out. I looked at it, seeing only the sand behind. The sky was a deep orange, a kind of beauty I never had experienced. These people see it every day.

I hold the Gameboy up. It blocks the sun, its rays blotting the sky. I am reminded of a painting I adored as a boy, and the Gameboy my mother gave me when I asked for Pokemon.

In this moment I knew. I could see in Darkness that I was living in the dark. I was truly blind, and this is what allowed me to see all that I could have seen; had it not been for my willingness to see, I would be stuck in one place, never having experienced what I had, and never being able to continue onward, led by my heart.

In this moment I knew, I knew that my destiny was to create a new sound never heard before, and to use the lessons from my journey to share a small piece of elation with you all.

Months, months I have worked. My LSDJ never out of sight. And so I have returned; so I am back.

Let us listen,

And God bless xX 8 BIT CHAMPION Xx.


welcome back, i like your new song

Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Thank you, sandneil. That one was inspired by deep aquatic caves in Mexico.


did you get sand in your gameboy in thailand? how'd you deal with that? bet it happens to kanye and riff raff all the time in dubai

Madison, Wisconsin, USA

In fact, yes. And one can indeed discern a certain grainy sonority in my latest track, which was imparted by the sand of the beach.

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