I'm new to the Atari8 but quite familiar with trackers including JCH ED and Sidwizard on the C64 as well as a few on the Amiga. Trying to apply my knowle on some POKEY tracker now, but it seems like the few bits of information is in Polish.

Is there any kind of reference material for TMC and/or Enotracker in some widely understood language? I'd prefer one of these trackers as I want to utilize stereo sound. Other trackers with that support would do too of course.

I'm familiar with the concepts enough to be able to figure things out myself, but it would be quite helpful at least to have a manual for the user interface including keys, and of course a POKEY reference and how it is mapped in the tracker. The general POKEY reference I guess I can read out from programming books, but the tracker specifics are harder.

Greatful for any kind of advice.

Welcome Johey! I use RMT Tracker on PC. But also wants to learn and use ENO / TMC.
I found manual in Polish language. But my mother language is very similar. So I will do
PDF manual for TMC / ENO and upload link here...  But needs 2 weeks... I will learn and
help others.

Hi Matej!

Very nice! Perhaps we can collaborate. I'm trying to understand the TMC 1.11 by using the program and by looking at the in-program help. I don't understand much of the description, but at least I see which keys are involved and so I can press them and see what happens.

Can you please send me a link to the manual you have found? For which version of TMC is it? I have found one that is included in the 2.0 version, but first I have heard that the 1.11 version is a better choice, and I can't figure out what format the manual is. It is named .DOC but it won't open with openoffice.

Yes it is DOC.
Yep it is old DOC you can open it in WordPad.

Looks like MSDOS DOC and it is in Polish language.
And yep it is for 2.0. Anyways I hope it will be same as
for 1.11.

Aha Wordpad... Ok. smile

Edit: Tried with Wordpad and it opens but looks terrible. Does it look good for you?

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I found some web source which can run through google translate:

https://translate.google.com/translate? … edit-text=

Perhaps it can be a good start. smile

Oh, you know what? There actually is an English manual in the 2.0 zip file! Hah... Guess that solves the problem then. big_smile

Nice! Anyways when I will have time I will make Atari Pokey Cookbook during summer.

I am looking forward to read it!

If you have any specific questions I may try to help. I'm using mostly RMT and less frequently TMC. Also speak Polish which helps a bit in case of TMC wink