Hello, I'm wondering if anyone can help me.

I'm trying to load the monowave sample into an instrument slot but lgpt will not allow it.

I can press listen and monowave plays back, but if i try to load it into an instrument slot it just does not load.

Ive tried this on PC, PSPGO asnd PSP with both ghetto and stable versions, samples will not load on any of these.

Any idea WTF is going on here LOL??

Just to give more detail I was making 2 MONOWAVE templates so that I can listen to all the waves contained within monowave and decide which ones to use..

I have 7F patterns, each with one phrase inside (so phrases 00-7F).
inside each phrase is just one note C3......(the note in each phrase has a different instrument no.)
I want to load monowave into instruments 00-7F.

no sample will load into any instrument...:(

Not sure what happened exactly but after a reinstall it worked perfectly on all platforms.
Maybe I just had too many samples in samplelib before.