Hello, everyone!

My name is Ki Yoshiko, I am a representative of the BleepLove online label dedicated to chip music.

Today we would like to announce the new soon-to-be-released spring music compilation "Chip Break In The Clouds"! This time we are planning to work with Chipbreak only! Movement, speed, dancing, buzz and, of course, a joyful spring mood!

We are open to your applications! Tracks will be chosen on a competitive basis. If you want to join us, send your unreleased tracks to [email protected] or [email protected]

Genre: Chipbreak;
File format: MP3 and WAV;
BPM: 160 and higher.

Deadline: 10.04.2016

You can learn more about us there:

Do not hesitate to ask questions. We are looking forward to hearing from you! :3

I will drop some BRKz for this.

Right on! wink

chipbreakcore time it is!

workin! heart

Hey, guys! Deadline to Chip Break In The Clouds was extended until May 1st. Have time to finish your masterworks, kittens!

Im just finishing and polishing everything, go on! x)

oh whoops almost forgot about this. sending an email soon.

dont worry, you have some time until May wink

My track has been finished for a good while now, but recording it has been more complicated than anticipated. I'll be along soon though!

Entry submitted!

The track I wanna submit is already self-released.  Is that acceptable?

It also uses the BennVenn GIT-FUKT-NIGGA samples. If that's frowned upon, I can create a censored version

Submitted! *Hopes up*

Re-recorded and submitted again!

It's acceptable if the track wasn't released in some other compilation. No worries about those samples, you could even multiply swearing, we won't bat an eye ^_~