Just wanted to post the latest project I've been working on! The game features a Morricone inspired soundtrack written entirely in Famitracker.

Pull up a chair and rustle up some virtual nihilism, pardner. Super Russian Roulette pits you and up to two friends or strangers against a trash-talking cowboy, impatient to get on with the ultimate game of chance. There’s a light bullet in the Zapper’s chamber: is your name on it? (To increase actual dread, add penalty shots of bottom-shelf hooch for the losers.) Keep spinning the barrel till only one player remains.

The plan is to keep the momentum going and finance my other NES/console projects (that you may already know about).
Please back or forward to anyone you know who might be interested, it would be a huge help!
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ba … for-the-ne

This is the best thing and deserves your money.

How much do I have to pledge for FaMI?

Great work, I've been following this for awhile. Great use of the zapper too!

Where can I give you every last cent I have?