sorry bro, just not my cup of tea

EDIT: you could say music isn't to your taste instead of being an asshole about it

"but the rest was lame...on some cheap euro disco prissy bullshit (no offense).
different people like different stuff i guess, if you object, we can agree to disagree.
teenage bunch o crap man...sounds like they couldnt take their compositions further than C Major / A minor. know what i mean?"

throwing in "we can agree to disagree" and "no offense" doesn't make that post any less what you enjoy and actually contribute instead of just voicing concern over how many gay people are in the scene or being a total twat...

nothing i posted is even really dance music, much less euro-disco... also, you clearly never learned manners so go fuck yourself

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Case in point. What a prissy little bitch you are.

When i asked "is chip music gay?", gay people replied "yes, and I am gay too".
That was absolutely no problem, but then along came this prissy bitch called district or something, wanting to be the great defender of all gay people for all the world to see. Is it homophobic to ask someone  "are you gay?", then when they reply "yes", to say "o.k, cool"?
If I was gay I would find you annoying as well.

To be honest, portable synth sequencers are pretty cool and chips of various consoles of a certain era sound quite unique...but to think your some kind of superstar or authority figure because you can use lsdj to make some C Major pop is only deluding yourself. The smug, superior attitude came from you, not me. I'm sorry I didnt like your selection of pseudo gay teen pop, stop being such a little bitch.

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you do realize that your post was before mine, right?
whatever, done responding to you, since you're either a troll or just a dick...kinda doubt you even listened to anything in the thread at all, just came in and shat on everyone else's posts
edit: also, lol at describing any music i've made as pop music

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lol, a guy called "knife crimes" has come along to tell a guy called "jaffa cake" that what he is posting is too offensive.

e.s.c. wrote:

these threads always remind me that the stuff i so very far from what most other people in the scene are into...

I see you didnt like the selection of tunes posted here either. Were you shitting on peoples posts?

i don't like most of those tracks, but i didn't call them all a bunch of crap... just said it didn't line up with my taste in music... you instead called it "cheap euro disco prissy bullshit" and a "teenage bunch o crap", if you can't understand how that's different, there's nothing really to be said.

however, prior to the aforementioned statements pertaining to chiptune preference the entity known only as "district" did, in fact, state clearly that he considered jaffacakemexica to be "stupid", after which he also insisted that jaffacakemexica should "go fuck [himself]". In light of these facts I conclude that JaffaCakeMexica acted accordingly and was well within his rights as a bright and aspiring chipmusician.

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haha you guys..

has anybody mentioned Les Trucs? some great chippy synth stuff and super cool live shows

Dunno how I forgot this one but Cooshinator - Synechdoche is probably my all-time favorite LSDJ track. Haven't heard anything quite like it since.


dont stress out about my dumb comments...lets stop the chipwar before its too late for all of humanity.


Dont take this the wrong way but about half way through that tune I felt like maybe hitler had got hold of a gameboy.

@VCMG: interesting, i like the hihats....reminds me of part of the melody from sanxion

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JaffaCakeMexica wrote:

couldnt take their compositions further than C Major / A minor. know what i mean?

JaffaCakeMexica wrote:

because you can use lsdj to make some C Major pop is only deluding yourself.

I like C major. It's a good key.

C Major? Only the white keys? Are you racist?

I'm deeply offended. So juvenile



I like C major. It's a good key.

Cmaj takes a lot of heat in the chip community doesn't it? It seems like a lot of people find it bland and amateurish or something. I've always been a fan.