Hi. I got pulsar on a preflashed board from infiniteneslives.com. it saved the patterns and then one day...no more. It wipes the memory on powering down. If I only hit reset it saves it all. No difference if I hold reset while powering down. And this started like 2-3 days in.  So, Paul from inl got to troubleshooting. He thought it "could be" the board, so he was going to send a replacement board. But, I had asked about buying pr8 preflashed, so he did. He sent me it and a new battery.  Nothing changed on pulsar. Still wiping memory. AND...pr8 would load up, but be froze up. I have to hit reset, and then it comes alive with flashing blue cursors and green track lights. So, I start Thinking that my nes is having some issues. Sad monkey...
I couldn't find another nes today, but I did go ahead and try it on some clone systems. It didn't load on some, but a retron 3 loaded them. (And seemed to sound ok. I'm no expert, and spent all of 20 seconds throwing poo at the screen so it could have some info to process.) It saved all the pattern data from pulsar, the song/chain  info was gone. I think that is correct for this software.
Whew... so any ideas what might be wrong with this nes? Does anyone know where I might find the answer, or the info to get there?  Thanks.

hello fellow simian.

i'd be inclined to still say it has something to do with the cartridge. can i see a picture of the PCB?