Hello everyone!

As some of you may know i've started a label and event under the name 'Hyperwave' based in London. The aim of the label is to give a home to music created using sound chips and beyond!

We had our first party last april to great success.. Artists playing included me (Shirobon), Chipzel, Henry Homesweet, Sabrepulse + Protodome!

On July 22nd we will be having our 4th night and there will be more announced on that shortly!

We are now ready to release new artists and have recently put out a release by Melbourne based artist Jamatar!

Jamatar - Spacesounds

We have some other cool releases in the works that will be coming out over the next year!

If you make music that blends Chiptune with other genres/styles we would love to hear from you!

Drop us an email: [email protected]

All the best! Keep chippin' smile


Really enjoyed that Jamatar release!

Swansea, UK

July! I'll try to make it big_smile


Hell yeah dude! Full lineup will be announced in the next few weeks... 9 Artists + Open mic smile

Nottingham, UK

As someone mega interested in Hybrid styles this is so cool. Definitely sending you an email about my new project.

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NC in the US of America

Nice! Just listening to the first track, and really appreciating the melodic focus of the guitar work. This is some good early morning drive music.

Looking forward to more from this label. Awesome way to kick things off

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Great music! About Jamatar's songs, I have the feeling that I hear some Japanese scales.