Milwaukee, WI

New mixer from Richie Hawtin and Xone line of DJ mixers creator Andy Rigby-Jones.

Good coverage on CDM here and on DJTechtools here.

There's some interesting features like a parametric EQ instead of the usual three band, analog overdrive, a master EQ, etc. Price tag is £2500 (“not including taxes”) plus £50 shipping.

It's well out of my price range, but I still find myself wanting one. I really like the direction the mixer market is heading in though. More and more artists are using a vast assortment of hardware that doesn't fit the mold for a typical DJ mixer. This, as well as machines like the Rane MP2015 and Roland MX-1 are pushing mixers to a more performance oriented tool and further blurring the line between DJ mixers and normal studio mixers. I like it and hope Mackie comes up with something similar soon. tongue