Hey Chipmusic family,
I'm new here, full disclosure, but we at Soundfly are suuuuuuper excited to launch this new course with Paul Weinstein aka critically acclaimed artist CHIPOCRITE. "Getting Started With Chipmusic" uncovers how to make chiptune music using a Game Boy or your computer. Through this course students will be introduced to the hardware, how it works, and how to set up a piece of software called LSDJ to start making complex music right away.... and did I mention, its freeeeee?!?!

https://soundfly.com/courses/getting-st … hip-music/

Please check it out and send me your thoughts (literally, my email is below) or reply on this thread, tell yr friends, call me a noob, whatever!
Thanks friends,

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Nice, Im definetly gonna try this.

Will you be adding more parts to the course?

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I've been involved in teaching people about chiptunes, Gameboy music, and LSDJ for several years. I've led several workshops at different Universities. I've written a book that has sold very well over the past few years on LSDJ and is even in a few libraries. I've produced Youtube content on LSDJ programming as well.

Anyways, I now consider this the definitive INTRODUCTION TO CHIPTUNE/LSDJ resource. This is extremely well done and very thorough. There's no need to for anything else but this now. Bravo Paul + Soundlfy. Great, great job.

Peng wrote:

Nice, Im definetly gonna try this.

Will you be adding more parts to the course?

We just launched Part II actually!

Parts III and IV will be coming later this year, and will be more in depth, but for now, this is becoming a really nice resource for learning, as well as a platform for sharing one's work. We'll be working with Pulsewave to share students' submissions to the greater Chipmusic community starting soon.

Check it out, and thanks for your support! smile