OK, man - I've just sent the materials.


Here are my recordings so you can compare:
http://garvalf.free.fr/index.php?page=blog_2016-06-05 (no post production, except normalizing)

In the case it doesn't play directly in the browser (I can play them with firefox on linux, or chrome on windows, but not firefox on windows), you can just download the files with the grey download icon.

What do you think?

I thought they would use the same FPGA code for the ay-3-8910, but it's not similar: on MiST it's using a stereo separation (ABC) like on Amstrad, but what makes me wonder is for example for "Trip to Japan", one version is 4 seconds longer than the other!

Ha, although ZX-Uno sounds far better but I have to admit they made a big progress with the mist core, indeed.

Meanwhile I've got myself some red case. smile
And the glowing keyboard, hahahah. smile