Ok I've tried to search google (not really) for the song, almost nothin...
you know those people, they're called 8 bit boys, kind of chip-hop nerdcore thing...
'kay I'm goin to ask you, somebody, I'm not interested in the whole disc, (already have one copy) but I'm interested in get the lyric of the song "Clash!"

also, "A long road"
and "Live by the Sword" ft. Kabuto

for those who wants more info, there it is.

if you have that one... you'll be my hero...
OK, no.

If it is possible, it would be nice to get all the lyrics of the whole CD, (18 tracks) and release it in a pdf. Wha'cha thing?
just a suggestion.. Or just leave me all the lyrics and I'll make the pdf.



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was this supposed to be an email? because you posted it to a forum.