First, I'm completely new to tracking with AY... and completely new to amstrad CPC wink
Anyway I made some songs for a CPC musicdisk, most are ok but some have issues.
The songs were create with Vortex Tracker II v1b19 on (windoze)

This issue is where there are two kick samples play close together, on CPC the second hit sounds quiet/squashed, and sometimes distort.
It's only standard volume command supplied to the kicks;
c-4 ...C
c-4 ...F

Here is audio file to hear the problem. First is correct play on vortex, second is on CPC with issue.
Anyone know why this happen?

You can use this bug for making amazing bass... Some AY musicians use such bug. When AY is overloaded it acts like that...
But never used Vortex Tracker... So I cant help. BTW have you tryed Arkos Tracker or better native CPC STarkos Tracker?

Ok thanks smile
Yeh I have tried the win port of Arkos before, but the coder needs pt3 format.
I did end up the fixing the songs though, I changed to another smaller simpler drum sound, so not sure exactly why it was overloading..(maybe pitch change was too extreme).

Vortex Tracker is great, but for making music on Spectrum. There is indeed an option for using the frequency of the chip on a CPC. Yet, there is no option for the interrupt on CPC. Maybe it's not relevant, or maybe it's related to the sound problem (I mean maybe Arkos would handle this better). With Arkos or Starkos there are some players which can be used with basic or asm, probably they are more adapted than a pt3 player on CPC...

Very interesting.. well is too late for current prod as it's being release on the weekend - but I think I will bug the coder for arkos use in the future wink
Thanks for the info!

I know close to 0 in programming such thing, but I managed to create a simple static image with a basic loader for the music, thanks to the documentations and some help on CPC forums.