Always wanted to go with a MOTU 828 or similar.... farming out suggestions..

Need at least 4 in 4 out but in reality that should suffice, would rather have a 4 x 4 with decent convertors etc than one with higher in / outs / effects, etc.

My studio partner says we should spend around £300 however I myself am looking more at the £500 area.

I really like my saffire40 if you have access to firewire.

we do, thanks for the reccomendation... my partner has been looking at a few other focusrite interfaces but not that model. The best we have come up with so far is the Motu ultralite mk3 which weighs in slightly more than the saffire pro40.

How are the drivers for your unit? Have heard people complain about focusrite driver support in the past..

The complaints seem to be on Windows side, I use osx drivers and no complaints.

Focusrite and Presonus have some nice interfaces around that price.

And go for Firewire over USB. People will say that USB3.0 is faster and all that jazz, but I always had better latency with Firewire.

I've been using a PreSonus Firebox for a long time and still love it. If you want something newer and with more connections, I'd consider the Studio 192.