Solar System

Atari Pokey is rare soundchip here. So lets bring Atari 8bit users together!

I own:
1x Atari 130XE + Lotharek Ultimate 1MB RAM + Raster StereoPokey Upgrade + Raster SDrive
2x Atari 130XE + RAM320XE/576 320KB RAM Cartridge + Final StereoPokey Upgrade + SMD SDrive
2x Atari 130XE

RMTtracker (PC)
ENOtracker (PC)
TMCtracker (ATARI)
MPTracker (ATARI)

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rochester, ny

I have an Atari 800xl and write little music programs in basic to make interesting samples for use in my songs! Never used a tracker for it though.

Świdnica, Poland

Have two 65XE's, but actually using just one due to lack of space on the desk smile
It's a stock one atm, but in a few days I am going to buy dual pokey board and Ultimate 1MB, maybe SIDE2 too.
In the early 90's I used CMC for tracking. Now after nearly 30 years, it's time for TMC big_smile
Greetz from Poland!

Solar System

Nice anyone else?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I've got a bunch of RMT stuff that I'm working on currently. Hopefully I will get some of it done soon.

I also own an 800XL.