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Recently got Nanoloop 2 and I've been trying to sync properly to my Volca Beats. It works and everything however, whenever I slave nanoloop, volca beats considerably slows down the tempo of pattern, even though they're the same tempo out of sync. Am I missing something here?


that's because of the bizarre half sync scheme that korg introduced with the volcas and that has been adopted by TE, too with the POs. they send sync pulses only every second step so that the slave has to count tempo and interpolate the missing steps. nanoloop supports this only as master.

please ask korg. noone else seems to know the point of 1/8 sync.

oliver wrote:

noone else seems to know the point of 1/8 sync.

I'm glad I'm not alone in being puzzled as to why they did this.. I read somewhere that it was a remnant of the monotribe sync, which is the same, but makes more sense on the monotribe since the sequence length is only 8 steps.. still bizarre though!