Hi I'd like to run away to the forest and make a bunch of albums but need a mixer that has eq thru headphones and does not require a power outlet. Batteries would be fine Cuz they are portable. So I've been looking at a German product called pokketmixer but there's only one gain for the 2 channels and no eq on headphone I put only on the audio output ??? Lame so I need your help . I just want to eq my GBA runNing nanoloop 2 synced to my po12 rhythm while I'm out and about !  Info on pokketmixer http://www.pokketmixer.com/de/technology.html

you could always use the main out for headphones with an adapter or two, just make sure to keep the volume level low so you don't damge the headphones or your ears

All the inputs and outputs are 1/8th jacks so I just plug it into he audio out with no adapter right ?

should work, yes... like i said, just keep the main out level low since it's probably sending line-level instead of headphone-level..

there's a few behringer mixers that run off batteries too

I'm in love with the belkin splitter.
No mixer, no eq, but really helpfull in this kind of situation.
For me with two device, it is fine, with three it become weird, don't have try to add more, because threesome is enough smile

The other thing i use is the zoom h4n.
Two channel, audio recorder. Could do the tricks, and very handy for recording album.

That looks like it should work. It is passive so don't worry about hurting your head phones.

http://www.instructables.com/id/Altoids … reo-Mixer/

Maybe go diy?

The pokket mixer is passive as well so won't output line level if you don't give it line level signals.. also I've heard it's kinda not very good for actually mixing two signals together, so probably not ideal for PO-12 and nanoloop together. You'd be better off with one of those tiny behringer mixers like the 302USB which theoretically could be powered by a phone battery, perhaps?

I'm wondering, since the PO-12 has audio passthru, maybe it's possible to create a hybrid sync/audio cable that sends the sync pulse from the link port to the plug tip (left), and the audio from the headphone out to the ring (right)? That way you wouldn't need a mixer at all.. but the levels may not match. Would certainly be an interesting experiment.. You wouldn't even need to modify a cable really, just get one of those 1x TRS plug to 2x TS socket adaptors. Sound would be mono, but if you're just using it to compose then it shouldn't matter, right?

https://www.operator-1.com/index.php?p= … odular-etc

This is quite nice! But also just passive.