I'm in france, and there is lgpt on the f100.
I want to put nanoloop mono on the DMG to have a clean nanoloop mono setup to play with my nanoloop 2.7.
The dmg need to be really top if possible wink
Black DMG will be top.

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that's a good trade

I will post you pics of it if you want.
I have multiple f100 IIRC.

Running "lgpt10k" wink

damn, if you were in the US i'd take you up on this trade since i don't use game boys much in my setups at this point in time

This is a sick trade.

To be honnest, I have two f100, so I don't need the two.
I have one time bought a dmg backlit prosound, but the lcd was broken... There was only 2 color instead of the 4 grayscale value. So I was not able to use it....
And maybe I should replace the lcd, but I don't want to give time on this, I don't have time...

Here I'm seeking for the perfect dmg smile
This f100, is really in great condition, and if I don't find someone here, I will put it on ebay, but I preffer to let someone have a good lgpt f100 setup on this board.

I've got two DMG's that may be suitable, I'll post pics later today.

Pics are welcome smile

Sorry the pictures are like 100% horrible.

Red chinese shell, biverted yellow backlight, gold screen protector (I was going for a Famicom style).

Green transparent ASM shell (not Nintendo text). Green biverted backlight, pink screen protector, pink nes style buttons. Green power led.

Neither are pro sounded currently, but I'd be happy to do an internal profound for you. I just hate drilling my gameboys since there's like a 50% chance I'll ruin it.

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Thank you catskull, but the color are not my taste.
Here the stuff i'm looking for



I have one like this:

It's not perfect though (Case is original). Located in Finland.

@Rebb : Go for this one.
Sent me your postal address, your email by pm and I reply you back with mine.



I'll PM you more details of the DMG. Don't want to end up in bad situation if you are not happy with it.

So Rebb one has no volume control, because he don't need it, It is allways full volume.
And it's a problem for me.
I plan to use it sometime like a real gameboy, sometime without mixer, sometime with for recording so...
I'm looking for a really "good" dmg for tetris and like but also nanoloop one and mono and some lsdj.

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I repost this thread with a pretty mint gp2x f200.
The first trade i've done was really great and the trader was happy. A black or white one with prosound and backlight. You know what I like smile