Hello all. Does anyone use the SID-Wizard in conjunction with EasyFlash (v1)? I mean, how can you save the songs/instruments - you can save them on the EF directly or even on an SD card (i have SD2IEC too) without any problems? Anyone?

Not sure on ez flash. Sd2iec is very simple. You stick a blank d64 image in the folder you're going to save files to. Then sid wizard saves and loads from that.

Yes, but: if i've loaded prg with SID-Wizard from device 8, SID-WIzard saves and loads from device 8. How can i change the disk (not number of emulated drive) in SW? I didn't have disk+ and disk- functions. So, in SID-Wizard i'm pressing F8 to save something and then i have disk with SW (no empty space to save files). Anyways, how can i load instrument from other disk...?

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I have EF3 so I will try it...

I have problems during the saving process on SD2IEC ... When I save and then reload the same file what I get is a tune without any new patterns ... really frustrating !! Any suggestions ?!?! Thanx !!!

Yea you can run the program, but there's no disk management in sidwizard so it will be looking to read and write from where the program was run. So without recoding it it's not going to work.