Here's the track https://soundcloud.com/roballison/lsdj-ambience

I reworked some loops from another track I was working on, recorded them in Logic Pro X and added some cutoff effects, reverb and some synths. I'm really pleased with the outcome, and I'd quite like to make more music this way. The whole track only took about 20 minutes to create.


I like your wav channel!

It's legit

would be perfect for a game. I like the addtion of the soft strings at the end

Great job.

Oh that is great smile Very nice blend of hard digital and the warmth of 'analog'. Don't know if I would call it 'Berlin School' but just delicious.

This sounds so good

It sounds great. That's impressing. 
So you just recorded the different channels separately and put them together in Logic with some effects thrown on top?
I'm guessing that's mostly synths, right?

Thanks so much guys smile

Yeah, I needed to make some music for a trailer for the album, so I chopped up bits of an existing song and mixed it together in Logic. I added some synths and s tiny bit of piano too.

This is the trailer btw:

Tis pleasing to mine earholes.

Seriously good work! big_smile

stranger things

Love this! Definitely has that soundtrack vibe, or maybe the first set of a live track. And the effects on it were a nice touch! The only negative criticism I have for it is the drum beat near the end seemed awkward, and some more variation in that 303-esque bass could make the track a little more interesting. Certainly looking forward to hearing more of your work heart

How do you get those lovely string sounds?

Psynaptik wrote:

How do you get those lovely string sounds?

I think those are being added in with a seperate synth. I could be wrong though

Really nice!

definitely enjoyed that. nicely done!