I've read that the Volca Sample doesn't send swing over it's clock sync output. That's understandable since it sends a pulses on 1/8th notes only (factory setting). But I found in the manual you can also set it to output sync pulse on each step (unlike other volcas). It'd be cool if it sent swing when set this way... anybody tried? I couldn't find the answer anywhere and I don't have my volca sample yet.

So all you Sample owners here — I would appreciate your help. Thanks!

Hmmm, I'll try to sync my Beats to my Sample and see if it swings!

Great! Let me know please

Errmmmm, almost no machine will send swinged clock data, the whole point is that clock data is a steady pulse of whatever.
But you can send the swinged note data, so if you use it as your sequencer, it will swing whatever notes you send out.

(I see no reason why you would want to swing EVERYTHING by the way)

Yeah the Volca Sample sends out a steady pulse no matter what the swing knob is set to.
You could record the audio from the sync out of a volca and loop it on a DAW. if the signal is clean and the level is set right you can use that method to swing a volca beats.

what are you wanting to sync the sample to?

i use midi from other bits of hardware, but with the volcas only having midi in its a bit annoying, its not a nice master.

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I want to use it as master for a diy sequencer I'm working on. But Sample will be slaved to midi clock