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Yes it was not well written, but the idea is simple.

You set global sound parameter for the first track and it sound nice to you. You want to stick with this sound but change parameter for each step.
You begin with the decay parameter.
You want it, sometime really short, sometime really long.
In this case, the interface allow you to only increase the decay parameter per step, you can not decrease it.

The obvious workaround to this is to set the decay to 0 to the track sound and set it manually for each step.
But it is not the same feeling, and it take more time for the user, so in the end, it is less used...
What could be really good, is "a kind" of bipolar value for the parameter change by step (-128,+128), not a (0,+128) like it is done today. I think you understand what I mean here. It is just ease of use.

In the end I think, people don't use this "parameter lock" feature to it's full potential.

Just a brief thougt, you could just let the per-step parameter override the instrument parameter, instead of adding. That would make it easy to set to zero (but that would essentially be"off" too, so, that might be a problem). As for precision, I've found on iOS that it's just best to decrease the sensitivity of the control; yeah it takes longer to get to 0 or 127, but the increased precision is worth it.

Of course you could also do some clever thing, where you change the precision based on swipe-speed. That would be killer.

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The android manual is very small, and not every aspect of the app is covered in it. I've found this great tutorial on youtube : but I can't find any good manual / cheatsheet for nanoloop on android / iOS, are you aware of one?

(so here the feature request is a more complete manual)


The new feature called "Step Pause" (Swiping left/right on a step activates step pause) is a cleaver addition and certainly useful in some occasion, but it can be a bit annoying when you don't need it, it means it can easily be accidentaly activated when you modify a note height. So either a less sensitive swipe (you must swipe longer on left or right) and / or an option to disable it completely would be useful.




Hi Oliver,

is the a way to see some sync to external hardware on android? Or ableton link?