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Just like the title says, what are some favorite things you've bent?

I haven't done anything yet but want to start. I have Casio ca-100 I'm eventually going to try, and I'll probably buy a speak-and-something since they're cheap and there's plenty of guides for them. I can't find much information about my Casio though.


Casio pt-100. sick square wave bass. Add an lfo circuit and make wobbles.
Casio pt-80. Cool drum machine. Mutes, alters sounds, pitched down is cool. Never found any good points to alter note sounds... my very first instrument.
Speak and read speak and math. Not my favorite, but I still grab them and mess around. Cool to sample, chop to bits, and reassemble.
Micronta biofeedback monitor. I found it at a thrift store. No idea wtf it was, but it had a speaker, a 9v battery, and was blue, so it was coming home with me. I've bent the shit out of this thing. Gutted it several times and went back for more. I should've quit when I had a switch that when activated took whatever pitch it was playing and did an awesome sweep down in pitch and filtering. Like it was discharging a cap or something. Wish I could figure out what I did for that...
Bending stuff is fun. When I started to learn about electronics more, I found it more useful to add circuits to existing ones than random shorts. But the wonders of discovery are cool.
Tip: all resitors secretly want to be pots.

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Of the few I've messed with, really liked a 'bird clock'. Each hour it would play a clip of a different bird. Like alot of these sound circuits, you can change the playback speed by changing a timing resistor. With the bird circuit, you can really speed up and slow down the audio, till it sounded very alien. The biggest drawback is you can't control the order of the 12 clips, so for a favorite one you need to cycle through the others.

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That is where I started and all I will say, is be careful, it can easily get out of control from here big_smile

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PSS-470? Think that's what it's called...

Nope PSS-460:

Hers some sounds from it. … nds/86800/ … nds/85502/

MORE INFO: It seems to use YM3812 chip, also used in adlib sound card. So it's FM. That keyboard has a little little drum computer, and you can short circuit the rhythm chip to other things, and make the bend sound rhythmic, as heard in the first sample above. The rhythm modulates the settings on the operators in the FM chip.  The other bend fucks with the CPU.

I bought it at goodwill, 6 years ago, for $24.00. Now they're on eBay for $70~100. Score. Probably won't sell it though.

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Definitely my favorite that I've done. … eo-device/

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This stupid thing:

I figured out a few things and then broke it while moving and ended up throwing it out. It was fun while it lasted.
Wish I had gotten samples from it sad

Alive and well in fucksville

Yamaha djx 2b. if only i had known to stop with the bends i had.


Here's a video of my PSS-460 in action. It makes the best beats when no one is in the room. Pretty crazy sounding.


I'm currently having a great time with a Kawasaki I-Soundz Drum kit, I built a trigger sequencer to turn it into a drum machine which has been lots of fun. Haven't gotten too far into the board yet as far as glitches and loops where I'm worried it may be a bit more limited but still it's been a cool project.

edit :
I made a video :

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