Is it necessary to have two SID chips when making chiptune on C64?

I mean will it make a huge difference?
SID2SID and soo on...

It'll make a difference but in many ways it's good to start out my limiting yourself and learning how to do channel economy tricks. In no way is it necessary- many of the greats have made do with 3 channels and made incredible music within that limitation. I'd say start with 3, master it, and move on to 6 once you've mastered 3.

It's about as necessary as two guitarists in a band.

its about as necessary as modding your game boy.

give goattracker or sidwizard a go in their 2sid versions and see how you like it.

i really like having the 2 filters, but generally dont take too much advantage beyond that - the second sid is usually just used for making chords.

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My favorite part of having two SIDs (I have a sammichSID) is simply running them in stereo. The nature of the SID, that they all sound a little different, makes for a great, super wide sound.

I've only ever used one, so it's not necessary. Would be a nice to have, but not required by any means.

Thanks for all the replies.
I just wanted to check if there were some super awesome benefits and of course the stereo is nice. Ill settle for a single one and then we'll se.

Sure it's not necessary, but damn, it sure is fun wink