Hi, so I'm pretty new to making chiptune. I've been listening to it for maybe a year or two, but i never got involved with the community or made any songs until now. Here's one I made today: https://soundcloud.com/liana674/deet-doot I was just wondering, could you give me your opinions on the song, how to improve and stuff like that? Thanks!

My opinion is that I think that this track is not very expressive. To improve and stuff like that, try watching some tutorials for the software you are using that show different techniques, then try using those techniques yourself

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How can I make it more expressive?

use different sound design techniques. change the shape of waveforms, use vibrato, arpeggios, tables/automation etc. there are a lot of tutorials out there, I don't know what specific software you are using, but you can watch tutorials if you search them on youtube